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A Fourier-Based Semi-Analytical Model for Foil-Wound Solid-State Transformers

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A new paper was published by the authors Siamak Pourkeivannour, Mitrofan Curti, Coen Custers, Andrea Cremasco, Uwe Drofenik, and Elena Lomonova titled:

"A Fourier-Based Semi-Analytical Model for Foil-Wound Solid-State Transformers"


A mesh-free semi-analytical Fourier-based method is presented to evaluate the frequency-dependent losses in the windings of solid-state transformers (SSTs) with foil-wound transformers. In the employed diffusion equation, which accounts for induced eddy currents, the imposed current density and conductivity in the transformer window area are represented using spatial Fourier series and method of images. As a result, induced current density distribution in foil conductors and ac loss in medium frequency transformers (MFTs) is calculated using the semi-analytical method. The proposed method is verified using the finite element method (FEM). It is observed that with the considered approach one can estimate the ac winding loss in the frequency range of 5–25 kHz, with 2.7% maximum absolute error and approximately 2.5 times less number of degrees-of-freedom compared to FEM computations.

The open access paper is available at:

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