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Closing Conference

Updated: Jan 29

Two web-lectures were recorded during this conference:

1) Project: Advanced Solid-State Transformers (ASSTRA) by Andrea Cremasco

2) Project: ASSTRA Advanced Solid-State Transformers by Siamak Pourkeivannour

This closing conference was organized and hosted by ABB in order to present the final research results and demonstrate the hardware realizations.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Welcome & Introduction (ABB)

  • Summary/Review of deliverables/milestones/deviations (TU/e)

  • Main Research Findings of ASSTRA Project (By the two ESRs, 2x 20' presentation + 10' Q&A)

  • Impact and dissemination of the project results, including IPR, publications, etc. (ABB)

  • Outlook on future collaboration between ABB and TU/e

  • Final discussion and closing


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